Our Story
At Wears Valley

Our family fell in love with Wears Valley from the first time we drove through it while visiting Gatlinburg in 2008. We visited the area with more and more frequency until we decided to move!

It took us a few years to find the perfect property with this amazing view. The property had a house and a large barn. And it was atop an easy to drive up-to hill right off Wears Valley Rd with phenomenal views of the valley and pastures below and the Smoky Mountains in all their glory right in front of it! We waited for three years until it was finally put on the market for sale.

From the moment we moved to our beautiful property in the Smoky Mountains we had friends or family visiting literally every other week. In fact we had friends and family over so often that we had to turn the barn into a guest house to better accommodate them. On their visits we would show them around town and take them to the best and most picturesque settings within the mountains, trails, and waterfalls. Some of these spots are places that very few people hear about when staying on their own. Our friends would often tell us that it was as if those childhood fairytale stories had come to life during their stay.

In short we would create magical stays for them!

Just recently we decided to open up the guest house to the public and create those same unforgettable and magical stays for other guests.